Quick Answer: How Do I Not Pay For Dropbox?

Is there something better than Dropbox?

If there’s one free Dropbox alternative that you’ve probably heard of, it’s Google Drive.

Google offers this free file storage and sharing cloud to its 1.5 billion Gmail users.

So, if you already have a Gmail or Google account, this is the obvious cloud storage option to go with..

How do I get my free 25gb Dropbox?

The promotional space is in addition to the 2 GB of space included in free Dropbox Basic accounts….How do I check to see when my promotional space expires?Sign in to dropbox.com.Click your avatar.Click Settings.Click Plan.Under Earn more space, you can see this promotion and the expiration date.

How do I downgrade Dropbox to free?

Tap Dropbox. Tap Cancel Subscription or Cancel Trial. Tap Confirm. Your account will downgrade to Dropbox Basic (free) at the end of your billing cycle.

How do you pay for Dropbox?

How to change your Dropbox billing informationSign in to dropbox.com.Click your avatar (profile picture or initials) in the upper right corner.Click Settings.Click Billing.Next to Payment Method, click Update. … Add a new credit card number or link a PayPal account.More items…

How much does Dropbox basic cost?

Dropbox PricingNamePriceBasic$0Always freeProfessional$19.99/month if billed annuallyPlus$9.99/month (if billed annually)Feb 13, 2019

Is OneDrive safer than Google Drive?

When it comes to account security and privacy, Google Drive and OneDrive are comparable. The main difference is that Google mines user data from files uploaded to Google Drive (for non-malicious reasons, but it does so nonetheless).

Is Dropbox still free?

Re: Is Dropbox free A Dropbox Basic account is free and includes 2 GB of space. You can download free apps to access Dropbox from your computer and mobile device. You can also earn more space on your Dropbox Basic account.

How do I permanently delete Dropbox?

How to permanently delete a file or folderFollow the instructions above to delete the desired file or folder.Click Deleted files in the left sidebar.Click the checkbox next to anything you want to permanently delete.Click Permanently delete and then Permanently delete again.

How do I get rid of Dropbox?

Uninstalling Dropbox If you’re running Windows 10, you can uninstall Dropbox by opening the start menu, right-clicking on Dropbox. Click uninstall. Under Programs and Features, you can also click Dropbox and click uninstall. The process is guided and simple from there.

Which is better Dropbox or Google Drive?

Winner. In the battle of Dropbox vs Google Drive, the best cloud storage service is Dropbox, by a nose. It just edges out Google Drive based on security, but its slightly easier file sharing and faster syncing also make it a better service, particularly for those who collaborate on a lot of documents.

What happens if you don’t pay Dropbox?

Dropbox states that when the users stop paying for the service, the account is automatically downgraded to their free plan. Due to this, it is not possible to add or import new data. However, the files that you have previously stored are not deleted and you can still access them.

Is it worth paying for Dropbox?

Dropbox plans start at $11.99 per month for the Dropbox Plus plan, or $9.99 per month when paid annually. … It may be worth your while to do so, if that’s your use case, as Dropbox came out top of our list of the best cloud storage for enterprise.

Why can’t I cancel Dropbox?

If you don’t see Cancel plan, you may have signed up for Dropbox on your mobile device. If you did, downgrade your plan with iTunes or Google Play. Note: Canceling your plan doesn’t delete your Dropbox account.

What is the cheapest Dropbox plan?

Basic. Free. Get started.Plus. $9.99 / mo. Get started.Professional. $16.58 / mo. Get started.

Which is better OneDrive or Dropbox?

OneDrive may be best for a company that uses Windows computers and expects to start small and grow larger, while Dropbox may be best for a company with varied systems, and a need for a great amount of space from the start of their cloud storage. If your business is a subscriber to Office 365, you already have OneDrive.