Question: How Do You Accept An Apology Professionally?

How do you respond when someone apologizes?

I would guess that the following are the most common types of responses.No worries.It’s fine.No problem.Please don’t let it happen again.Apology accepted.It’s okay.Don’t mention it.You should be, but I forgive you..

How do you professionally not accept an apology?

Say, “I appreciate your offering an apology, but I will not be able to accept it until you have made amends.” If the person has used the word forgive or forgiveness, you may be more direct: “I will not be able to forgive you until you have made amends.” Hope this helps.

How do you accept an apology formally?

Use a note card and keep it simple. If you don’t forgive, don’t say you do. If you appreciate the apology say so, but don’t write words you don’t mean….Short and sweet is good.I accept your apology.I hold no grudge.Thank you for apologizing. It takes great character to do that.

How do you respond to Sorry professionally?

Please, forgive me for… Excuse me for … I’m terribly sorry for……Accepting apologies:That’s all right.Never mind.Don’t apologize.It doesn’t matter.Don’t worry about it.Don’t mention it.That’s OK.I quite understand.More items…