How Do I Get Rid Of The Drop Down Arrow In Word?

How do I get rid of the collapse arrow in Word?

Place your cursor in the heading.

On the Home tab, click the arrow in the Paragraph group.

In the Paragraph dialog box, click the checkbox next to Collapsed by default.

Click OK..

How do you insert a down arrow in Word?

To type an arrow symbol by using its Alt Code in Word, in Excel etc;Make sure you switch on the NumLock,press and hold down the Alt key,type the Alt Code value of the arrow you want, for example for an arrow down symbol, type 2 5 on the numeric pad ,release the Alt key and you got a ↓ downwards arrow.

How do I stop Comments collapsing in Word?

Collapse your comments – Display for Review – Simple Markup….To hide your comments and tacked changes using the No Markup view, simply:Navigate to the Review tab.Open the Display Review dropdown menu (click on the downward facing arrow at the end)Choose No Markup.

How do I remove headings in Word but keep formatting?

Highlight the heading or headings you want to remove the styles from. If you want to remove heading styles from the entire document, use Ctrl+A to select all content in the document. Just know that selecting all will clear every other formatting like Bold, Italic, bullets (●), and so on.

Why are arrows in word not straight?

Whenever a line or arrow is inserted (Insert | Shapes | Lines ) the result is always a little off. … The result is a slightly askew line at a slope or diagonal no matter what you try. Holding Shift doesn’t help because the Shift + option moves the entire object in small increments, not just one end.

How do I print without comments?

Print Word Documents without Comments on Word 2007Go to “Review” tab and click on “Show Markup” in the tracking group.Clear the comment check box.Click “print” and change the “Print What” box to Document.Then click on “OK” to complete the process.

How do I hide comments?

To hide the markup area, click the Review tab. In the Tracking group, click the Display for Review button, shown here. The four available options set how comments, as well as other document revisions, are displayed: Simple Markup: Chose this item to display the markup area and view comments and revisions.

How do you remove a drop down list in Word?

Remove a drop-down listSelect the cell with the drop-down list. If you have multiple cells with drop-down lists that you want to delete, you can use Ctrl+Left click to select them.Click Data >Data Validation.On the Settings tab, click Clear All.Click OK.

What is the little arrow in my Word document?

What is the Arrow Left symbol in Microsoft Word means? This is the symbol that tells you that you have pressed the ‘Tab’ in your keyboard. Every time you press ‘tab’ it will show you this. It happens because the ‘Tab characters’ has selected.

How do I type a symbol?

Inserting ASCII characters To insert an ASCII character, press and hold down ALT while typing the character code. For example, to insert the degree (º) symbol, press and hold down ALT while typing 0176 on the numeric keypad. You must use the numeric keypad to type the numbers, and not the keyboard.

How do you use Alt codes?

How to use Alt Codes for Special Characters, and SymbolsMake sure that you switch on the Number Lock on your keyboard. … Hold down the ALT key (left alt key).Type the alt code(you should use the numbers on the keypad, not the ones on top row) for the special character or symbol you want to get and release the ALT key.

How do I get rid of markup area?

Hover the cursor over “Balloons” and click “Show All Revisions Inline.” The balloons, which make the markup area appear and shift the entire document over to the left, disappear and instead are added into the flow of the document.