How Do I Access Home Hub Settings?

How do I change the settings on my BT Home Hub?

BT Smart Hub and Ultrafast Smart HubOpen a new web browser on a device connected to your Hub and type in the address bar.

Click Advanced Settings.Click Wireless.Enter the admin password.

To choose a specific wireless channel, you need to split your wireless bands.More items….

Who is connected to my BT Home Hub?

You can check which devices are connected to your BT Home Hub 4, Hub 5, BT Smart Hub or Ultrafast Smart Hub by looking at the Home Network map in the Hub Manager. This shows all currently connected devices including those connected to the 2.4GHz and 5Ghz wireless bands.

How do I connect my WiFi hub?

Connect using Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)Turn on the Connection Hub and your computer or wireless device.On the Connection Hub, press and hold the WPS button. for 5-10 seconds, until the WPS light starts blinking. … On your wireless device, press and hold the WPS button for 5-10 seconds.

How do I connect my phone to my BT Home Hub?

Make a note of your Hub’s wireless network name and password. They’re on the back of your Hub. Your Hub will be called something like BT-XXYYXX. If your device supports WPS, just press the WPS button on your Hub – it’s a quick way to connect.

How do I access BT Smart Hub?

Switching Smart Setup on and off on the BT Smart HubOpen a new web browser on a device connected to your Hub and type in the address bar. … Click Smart Setup.Enter the admin password. … Click the “On/off” button to turn Smart Setup on or off.Remember once you make any changes you’ll need to save them.

What is the difference between BT Smart Hub and Smart Hub 2?

BT has a new Hub – the BT Smart Hub 2 – which it claims is the most powerful Wi-Fi hub of all the big broadband providers. While the size and premise remains much the same as the previous Smart Hub, the move to a rounded detail in the centre of this hub gives a strong hint as to what it wants to do.

Is BT Smart Hub better than Home Hub 5?

The Smart Hub is slightly taller and wider than the Home Hub 5, but it contains massively improved hardware. It has seven antennas, which BT claims will let it offer significantly improved connection distances over the Home Hub 5, which had a 2 x 2 dual antenna setup. The Smart Hub also has a USB 3.0 port on its rear.

What is the USB port for on BT Home Hub 5?

The BT Home Hub supports port forwarding. The BT Home Hub versions 3, 4 and 5 may be used for access to files stored on an attached USB stick – USB 2.0 is supported. The server by default has the address File:// and is available to the entire network.

How do I access my BT Home Hub 5 settings?

Open your web browser on a device connected to the Hub and go to bthomehub. home, or visit This will open the Hub Manager. Hit Advanced Settings and enter your Hub admin password when prompted (unless you’ve changed it, you’ll find the default password on the settings card)

Where is my BT Hub Manager?

Using the Hub manager Start by opening a new web browser on a device connected to your Hub and type 192.168. 1.254 in the address bar – this will open the Hub manager.

Is the new BT Smart Hub worth it?

The site concludes: “For BT customers, it’s well worth upgrading to, particularly if you’re on a fast fibre connection.” USwitch says the Smart Hub is a: “major upgrade from the Home Hub 5. It’s faster, wider-ranging and transmits signals through walls better than before.

How do you I access my router settings?

IntroductionOpen a web browser such as Internet Explorer.Go to the Address bar and enter the IP Address of your router then press Enter. For example, 192.168. … A new window prompts for a User name and Password. Type admin for User name and Password, since admin is the default user name password, and then click OK.

How do I setup my Smart Hub 2?

Connecting your BT Smart Hub 2Recycle your existing kit. If you have it, unplug all your old broadband kit, including your old power plug. … Connect. … Plug in. … Position your Hub. … Turn Hub on. … Connect your devices. … Connection troubleshooting.Connecting your Wi-Fi disc.

Is the BT Home Hub a router or modem?

The modem is the basic building block of a broadband connection that gets the data in and out of your phone line. In the BT Smart Hubs and BT Home Hubs, it’s combined with a router, a security firewall, an Ethernet switch, a Wi-Fi hotspot and a USB hub to give you a complete home network.