Does Dollar General Give You A Uniform?

How much does Dollar Tree pay their employees?

Dollar Tree Stores Inc pays its employees an average of $10.11 an hour.

Hourly pay at Dollar Tree Stores Inc ranges from an average of $7.63 to $13.96 an hour..

Can you wear nails at Dollar General?

Yes you can have your nails done.

Is Dollar General a good place to work?

Excellent 401K plan: After 1 year employees are matched dollar for dollar up to 13%, AND employees are fully vested after 1 year. Health Insurace after 30 days: health care and dental is even offered to part time employees.

How much does a stocker at Dollar Tree make?

The typical Dollar Tree Stocker makes $9 per hour. Stocker hourly pay at Dollar Tree can range from $7 – $11.

Is working at Dollar Tree hard?

The employees work hard. Store Mamagers should be reconized for their dedication and hard work! Overall, I really enjoy working at Dollar Tree. The managers and employees are all very friendly and easy to work with.

Can you have colored hair working at Dollar General?

Yes you can have colored hair. … Yes Dollar General allows you have colored hair.

Can Dollar General employees wear hats?

No they can not. You’re not technically supposed to but the management was pretty lax about hats.

Do Dollar General managers get bonuses?

Bonus pay at Dollar General Corporation ranges from $1,700 to $5,152 annually among employees who report receiving a bonus. Employees with the title District Manager, Retail earn the highest bonuses with an average annual bonus of $5,152.

What holidays does Dollar General Close on?

You will need to reach out to your local Dollar General for specific opening and closing times….The observed holidays include:New Year’s Day.Martin Luther King Day.Presidents’ Day.Easter.Mother’s Day.Memorial Day.Father’s Day.Independence Day.More items…

How long does orientation at Target last?

about 3 hours2-3 hours depending on the orientation size. It can be anywhere from one to two people to eight to 10, depending on the quality of the management and how rapid turnover is. Orientation should be about 3 hours long.

Can Target employees wear black jeans?

No, well at least not when I was working there. Had to be brown pants and red shirt. If you want.

What do you wear to a Dollar General interview?

Properly fitting attire allows potential hires to look professional. Examples of outfit ideas are slacks, skirts, dresses, a button up shirt, or a nice top. Business casual is a better option over formal wear for a Dollar General interview. Clean shoes and a hygienic appearance set a good example.

How many hours is considered full time at Dollar General?

12 answers Dollar General is wierd about their hours. They claim that anything under 25 hours is considered part time. On average a Full time Sales Associate typically works between 25 to 40 hours a week.

What is dollar general dress code?

Supposed to be black shirt and black pants, but if you notice that’s by far what they wear anymore.

Do employees get a discount at Dollar General?

Yes, dg employees get 20% on dollar general products every week! … You can add your employee ID to your digital coupon account. You’ll receive a 20% off store brands coupon and occasionally other exclusive coupons. They can only be used once however.

What time do Dollar General employees get paid?

Read 68 answers DG pays weekly. You will get you deposit on the Money Network card roughly between 9pm and 11:59pm on Thursday, though your first check is held for a week and you are able to get paid as soon as Wednesday if you get direct deposit into your bank account.

Can Dollar General employees wear shorts?

As long as the clothes are black. Also, you can wear black shorts as long as you wear suntan pantyhose underneath your shorts.

Does Target give you a uniform?

Khakis and red shirts are the order of the day for Target employees. Target employees aren’t given uniforms. Instead, according to the blog Tough Nickel, they must wear khaki pants or skirts and completely red shirts.

What is the uniform for Dollar Tree?

Does dollar tree have a dress code. Green or white collared shirt with black or beige/khaki pants. Athletic attire is not allowed.

How many hours a week does a dollar general manager work?

50 hoursHow many hours per week does the Store Manager work? Most managers for dollar general work more than 50 hours a week. Some have to work as many as 70 hours per week.

Can Target employees wear leggings?

“If you have a big day, you might wear something like a dress or a suit, or maybe even dressy jeans and a blazer,” the memo says. … Also banned are spaghetti-strap tops or dresses unless covered by a jacket or sweater, and leggings unless worn with an appropriate-length dress, skirt or top.