Thrive Protein - Our Story

A Convenient Source of Nutrition.
Without the Nonsense.

We searched far and wide to find a supplement company that provided clean supplements that weren’t full of garbage and nonsense. We were unsuccessful in our search and decided to create our own.

Our Mission is simple.

To create the cleanest line of supplements with the highest quality ingredients, void of chemical binding agents and fillers, to support your overall health.

To bring as much knowledge around nutrition to you as possible.



Each Nutritious Bag Helps
Two Families Worry Less About Their Next Meal

How Does it Work?

You buy one of our products
Donate to Feeding America
We dontate to Feeding America
Ending Hunger Together
Together we make a commitment to end hunger

Happy Customers

Happy Customer Dr. Jimmy
Dr. Jimmy B.

"After three weeks of having a Thrive Protein shake daily, I can definitely say this is the best tasting protein powder I've ever had! I have tried over a dozen protein supplements from both plant and animal sources, and unlike some other protein powders, this protein has given me absolutely no gastrointestinal issues and I feel great!"

Happy Customer Sara
Sara D.

"I love the taste and it makes me feel great! I can't handle dairy, so this works great for me."

Andrew C

“This protein is simply amazing. Not only does it taste good, it works at any time of the day to fill you up and before or after your workout! I have tried many different protein powders before, but Life Ready is the best I’ve had! I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a change or a first timer. Healthy and delicious!”

Dr. Kent L

"I can't bring a knife and fork into the gym. This works perfectly!"

Meet The Founder

Founder Sean Cronan


Born and raised in Roseville California, I grew up playing water polo, snowboarding and eating like a 90’s baby ate. High sugar, high carb with an extra side of frosted sugar. I graduated from Cal Poly with a degree in Kinesiology and it was there that I started to challenge conventional wisdom and experiment with my nutrition, sleep, movement patterns, and this crazy thing we all call life. During this time I started using supplements for convenience and noticed that they would give me terrible stomach bloat, headaches, and generally made me feel lousy.

I couldn’t find any companies that did not use fillers, low quality food sources, artificial ingredients, preservatives or other nonsense that was making me feel ill. I knew that I needed to challenge how supplements were being made and make products that I would actually use. That idea led me to create Life Ready.

I truly believe nutrition is imperative and I am determined to help people live a healthy life. If you want to learn more about living optimally check out the Life Ready Blog, find me on Instagram and say hi!

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